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Forklift deal includes ‘buy-back’ arrangements

27 June 2017

A Mitsubishi fork lift fleet is helping one of the UK’s largest independent paper converters maintain a decade of consistent growth.

Established in 2007, Task Consumer Products produces more than 50,000 tonnes of soft paper products – from high-quality tissue to away-from-home products for its retail and wholesale customers. 

The family-owned company operates from its original 110,000 sq ft facility in Darlaston and a primary new 250,000 sq ft site in Wolverhampton. 

And it is here where a combination of Mitsubishi counterbalance and hand pallet trucks supplied by Jofson Limited of Aldridge are really proving their worth. 

Although the end-product may be prized for its softness, the application itself is undeniably tough.

Work for the company – and its two LPG Mitsubishi forklifts – begins at goods inwards, where the 4.5 and 5.5 tonne GRENDiA EX models, fitted with large paper roll clamps, unload huge reels of paper from curtain-sided wagons and containers into the massive warehouse. 

From here, the same trucks then decant the reels onto the fully-automated state-of-the-art Fabio Perini converting lines that allow Task to provide its customers with innovative new products of the highest quality.

As the finished products – which include a host of household names including Cusheen and Festival – leave the production line, 1.5 and 2.5 tonne Mitsubishi electric and LP gas trucks transport the palletised loads to the goods-out warehouse.  

The journey’s final stage is completed by Mitsubishi ride-on power pallet trucks in a cross-docking operation into waiting containers. 

Clear cut decision

According to Andy Homer of Jofson: “The choice of Mitsubishi LP gas machines was pretty clear cut. They come with an almost legendary reputation for reliability but what makes them particularly suited to this operation is that they are exceptionally clean to run. 

“Their advanced, industrial-design engines are tuned to deliver maximum torque at only 1000 rpm so they use power, not revs to achieve the highest performance with very low noise and low fuel consumption. They also incorporate a low maintenance, automatic diesel particulate filter that ensures optimal cleanliness: 99.8% less CO2 than Stage 3B requirements.

“What’s more – and this is only standard on Mitsubishi models – the underside of the trucks and wheel arches are completely sealed, reducing noise and overcoming the cyclone effect found in conventional trucks. That is where the engine pulls dust from the floor and circulates around the building, contaminating products and potentially harming employees.”

While the specification of the trucks was important, one of the most significant factors in building and maintaining what has been a very successful relationship has been the Jofson’s ability to look at the customer’s requirements holistically.  

In turn, this has enabled them to develop innovative solutions that allow owner Ravi Patel to obtain equipment on the terms that best suit his business.  

Mr Patel explains: “Wherever possible I prefer to purchase the equipment outright but there are times when that could be problematic because of lead times and other circumstances. 

“Andy and his team have helped us overcome this problem: structuring bespoke and all-inclusive deals, including ‘buy-back’ arrangements so no rental finance involved. Their support and flexibility continue to be key factors in winning our business.”

With an eye squarely on future growth, Mr Patel is already adding to his fleet of Mitsubishi forklifts as part of plans to increase its supply to other, globally recognised, producers of personal care and tissue products.

To find out more about GRENDiA and the rest of the award-winning products and services available from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks and its dealers, visit www.mitsubishi-forklift.co.uk or call the Greenline on 0845 3713048.