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Widest range: narrowest aisles

13 July 2017

With an enviable reputation spanning over 50 years, Translift has consistently strived to, and succeeded in, offering its customers innovative and groundbreaking solutions that will ultimately save time, space and money.

Companies who needed increased storage capacity without the additional costs of moving or extending, to companies who simply wanted the flexibility of a narrow aisle truck that works inside and outside, all have benefited from the Bendi; and now with the current model range, there is a Bendi to suit most applications and budgets.

Widest Range: Narrowest Aisles

Built in the USA, the latest range of Bendi articulated forklifts are designed to operate in high-intensity warehousing and manufacturing operations and come as standard with a host of added benefits including all new hi-visibility masts, super-fast lift and lower speeds, adjustable overhead guards and a smoother ride on larger tyres.

This range of three and four wheeled machines are all fitted with DuraSteer, a patented revolutionary maintenance free steering system that provides exceptional control and makes load placement and retrieval superior to the competition. This quality range also comes with a four-year, 4000hrs parts and labour warranty.

With lift heights over 12.5m, the Bendi trucks are ideally suited to high bay warehousing operations such as the new 17,000 pallet DCS Distribution Centre in Banbury where a fleet of over twenty Bendi's are in operation. The DCS Group, UK's largest distributor of health, beauty and household brands, have been using Bendi articulated trucks for nearly 20 years, after making the decision to move away from reach trucks.

Although the ideal choice for warehousing and distribution, the Bendi has gone from a niche product to be the favoured choice for a vast array of applications. Quad (four-stage) masts are available on all four wheel models for lift heights up to 8m, giving the Bendi high stacking ability while allowing travel through low doorways. The Bendi can also work in bulk storage and busy manufacturing areas, push-back, double-deep rack and drive-in rack systems as well as outdoors. 

All Bendi models come with sideshift as standard and can be equipped with a variety of hydraulic attachments to further enhance its versatility. These include integral fork positioner, paper roll clamps, single/double pallet handlers, double deep reach forks, push/pull, drum clamp and a carton clamp.

The Bendi electric has a 48 Volt AC electrical control system with the latest in AC control and motor technology. Efficient use of battery power results in longer run times between charges and lower operating temperatures.

Mini Bendi: Maximum Benefit

The innovative Mini Bendi pedestrian truck is an impressive feat of design ingenuity and continues to go from strength to strength. It is a much smaller, lighter machine than the other trucks in the Bendi range, yet it offers the same space savings benefits and easily out performs other pedestrian trucks when it comes to speed, versatility and productivity.

Launched in 2011, the Mini Bendi was developed in answer to the call from the industry for a smaller, lighter, pedestrian controlled machine that didn’t necessarily have the speed, or reach of a conventional Bendi but could accommodate the UK style perimeter based pallets. Working closely with Asda, it was a natural step for Bendi to develop a pedestrian truck that provided the versatility and safety required regardless of industry sector.

Bendi has recently added two more customer driven variants to the Mini range. The first is a ride-on platform for use in operations where the Mini Bendi is the truck of choice but who also require pallets to be transported over longer distances. The simple drop down platform controls the speed variance for both rider and pedestrian operated modes.

The Mini Bendi is now also available with a self-raising control arm that fits the operational and ergonomic needs while the truck is in use and then raises vertically when the truck is not in use, thus saving, even more, space when parked.

Translift Drexel - Four Trucks in One

When it comes to maximising your storage space, nothing else measures up to the Translift Drexel VNA/Side Loading Swingmast® Forklift. With independently driven front wheels and dual rear steer tyres, the Drexel has a unique design enabling operators to rotate the mast assembly 90° and side shift left and right to allow easy stacking in aisles as narrow as 1.4m.

The versatile Translift Drexel gives you four lift trucks in one; performing outdoors as a conventional counterbalanced truck, a reach truck, a side loader, and a VNA turret truck with rail or wire guidance options. Models are available in capacities ranging from 1350kg to 5400kg, and with three or four-stage masts with lift heights up to 9.5m. The Translift Drexel is available in both Electric and LP Gas powered models.

Fast lift, lower and travel speeds combined with the tight turning radius of the Translift Drexel provides excellent manoeuvrability and increased productivity. The electric range has an optional roll-out battery compartment allowing fast battery changes for multi-shift operations, and wire guidance is also a standard option allowing safe, full-speed travel in the narrowest aisles.   

Translift SpaceMate -  Up To 50% Reduction In Wasted Space

At a fraction of the price of a narrow aisle machine, the Translift SpaceMate can be fitted to ANY forklift, new or old, enabling pallet stacking in Very Narrow Aisles. Its unique concept creates a temporary bridge from the lifting device/forklift to the racking without the lifting device’s sideways stability being affected.

Quick release couplings allow easy mounting of the SpaceMate, which works off the forklifts hydraulics, so no additional modifications are required. It's patented design via hydraulically sequenced movements of the SpaceMate make the stacking of pallets simple and effortless. Lasers similar to supermarket scanners are then used to visually position the forklift in the ideal spot. When not in use, the SpaceMate can easily be removed allowing the forklift to carry out its conventional duties.

When it comes to the true potential of the SpaceMate, we’re sure we have only just skimmed the surface so far, and as more customers become aware of its capabilities, we will see this new and exciting market sector grow quicker than any other in the material handling market today.