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Greater power & efficiency

21 August 2017

Interroll will use PPMA to showcase its most powerful, ultra-hygienic stainless steel, energy-saving Synchronous Drum Motor for belt conveyor systems, with a proven output of up to 1.1kW, torque up to 100Nm and extremely high belt tension.

In contrast with conventional conveyor systems equipped for continuous drive operation, Interroll 24V RollerDrive makes it possible to build an intelligently controlled conveyor system divided into zones. The drives of each individual conveyor section are only powered when material is actually conveyed, achieving possible energy savings of up to 50 per cent.

Compact smaller turning diameters make it possible to convey smaller items and a wide range of products on one single system.

Interroll’s new drum motor platform is completely modular in design, IP69k hygiene compliant encompassing both synchronous and asynchronous technologies. Each motor is tested and modular designed in such a way that it can be delivered worldwide in the shortest possible time.

Featured also will be the Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) that can be flexibly applied in entire conveying systems and is unique in that it can be scaled to meet a wide range of requirements.