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Hubtex FluX all set for Industry 4.0

29 August 2017

The Hubtex FluX multidirectional forklift is available with remote maintenance.

The space-saving electric multidirectional sideloader was launched on the market in autumn 2016 and has design features common to a frontloader and a sideloader.

As with all Hubtex vehicles, FluX can be fitted with numerous optional assistance systems. This includes the recent addition of remote maintenance software, which monitors the maintenance condition of equipment. This predictive maintenance solution helps to ensure maximum machine availability, keep production losses to a minimum and prepare FluX for use in the automated environment of Industry 4.0.

The new remote maintenance software informs maintenance technicians at Hubtex in real-time about the maintenance condition of the vehicles. Hubtex, the manufacturer of multidirectional forklifts, thus offers clients maintenance services at just the right time and helps to minimise costly production losses. Remote maintenance is carried out via a machine-to-machine (M2M) gateway that permits an automated exchange of data between the vehicle and the Cloud of Things.

Information such as the vehicle's operating hours, the battery’s level of charge and error codes from the central vehicle control system are evaluated by the software and transferred to the cloud. By reading this data, service technicians from Hubtex will already have the most important vehicle information at hand should the need arise, thus reducing the need to diagnose problems on-site. The integration of the remote maintenance software in all vehicles is an important step on the path towards smart machines that are connected to the entire value chain in the Internet of Things.

The electric multidirectional sideloader FluX is reliably able to master the transportation of long and heavy loads in narrow aisles. Its permanent all-wheel steering also helps the vehicle perform particularly small turning circles in all directions, thus ensuring that the forklift is able to change between longitudinal and transversal movements without stopping. Furthermore, due to its compact frame length, FluX can be deployed as a traditional frontloader for handling pallets in transversal mode. The forklift has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use.