Full loop solution

08 September 2017

Sovex loading and unloading technology is playing a key role in a new Transnorm initiative to offer an end-to-end handling solution for parcel companies.

With parcel throughput volumes increasing by more than 5% year-on-year, there is a considerable incentive for parcel firms to achieve greater efficiency. The Transnorm Sorting Modules initiative (TSM) is a bid to bring greater efficiency to parcel handling, as well as better functionality and space optimisation.
Often parcel companies face a shortage of space or lack funds to install a sorter, yet still need high throughput volume – this is the gap in the market the TSM is aimed at.

As part of the initiative, Transnorm offers integrators and end users the opportunity to work with the company at its HQ in Germany to design, develop and test tailored solutions. As the products are modular, customers can seek to build complete systems, or take subsystems that fit their particular needs.
TSM is flexible and lends itself to a variety of possible layouts. Numerous system integrators and leading parcel players have already taken advantage of this opportunity, each noting increased operational efficiencies.

Transform can now provide an end-to-end solution. This starts with unloading, which is taken care of by Sovex products. Its core competence is unloading via a telescopic boom conveyor, but Sovex provides a broad range of other options, both fixed and mobile.

For handling parcels in the warehouse, Transnorm has a number of conveyor products – covering curves and straight sections – which handle high throughput rates, operate at quiet noise levels (max 67-72db), and ensure reliable operation. In the next stage, parcels are scanned for dimension, weight etc, capturing the data necessary for the sort logic. This follows onto conveyors which gently align packages without loss of speed or accuracy.

In the test loop, visitors can see different setups with the goal of delivering optimal sortation. Strip-belt & full-belt merges are served at various angles (30°, 45°, 60°) by Transform’s SmartSort LineSplitter, the standardised best-in-class diverter solution. This yields gentle product handling and considerably reduced distances between the individual parcels are possible as a result of the extremely low line switching times.

The TSM is designed to fulfil any throughput demands regardless of size, weight and quantity; with capacity and speed adjustable, supporting the requirements of different shift patterns.

Completing the process, outbound handling is carried out by gravity conveyor for pickup and dispatch zones or a Sovex Vehicle Loader.

The patented Sovex Bendy Boom is popular with post & parcel companies and features a flexible front section capable of a -25° decline – for unloading vehicles of different profiles and depths, ranging from small transit vans to the deepest of trailers. Fully mobile telescopic boom conveyors are also available along with modules specifically designed to serve vehicles without a fixed dock in place.