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High-rack warehouse

08 September 2017

The Motip Dupli Group is building a fully automated high-rack warehouse with a total of 6,000 pallet slots in the Dutch town of Wolvega.

The warehouse equipment and software are being delivered by the intralogistics experts at Jungheinrich. The order includes delivery of several stacker cranes, industrial trucks and all the requisite software to manage the system.

 As Europe's market leader in spray paints and touch-up pencils, the company intends to use the new facility to store raw materials and semi- and fully-finished products. The building will be 18 metres high on floor space of 2,950 square metres and will be directly connected with Motip Dupli's existing production plant.

Jungheinrich is responsible for the design of the automated warehouse, which features double-depth storage. In the initial building phase 6,000 pallet slots will be created, served by three aisle-bound stacker cranes. Materials handling equipment will be used to transport the pallets to two delivery and three pickup stations.

The Motip Dupli Group also decided in favour of Jungheinrich when selecting a warehouse management system (WMS). In conjunction with the integrated Jungheinrich warehouse control system (WCS), the WMS is used to manage the stacker cranes and industrial trucks. The flexible design of the Jungheinrich warehouse management system means it can also be used to automate additional, future intralogistics tasks at the Motip Dupli Group.

Rapid growth

The new facility is a product of the rapid growth of the Motip Dupli Group, with the goal of doubling production at the Wolvega plant over the coming years. For this reason, the company has reserved an option with Jungheinrich to expand the warehouse by two additional aisles, thus creating an additional 4,000 pallet slots.

The Motip Dupli Group already enjoys a longstanding relationship with Jungheinrich. Mr Johan Helmich, Facility Manager at the Motip Dupli Group, reports that "Jungheinrich has been actively supporting the Motip Dupli Group in achieving its corporate goals for years now. The fact that Jungheinrich will be able to provide turnkey delivery of our new logistics system was a major criterion in our decision. Jungheinrich was simply the best at implementing all our requirements for an effective logistics concept."

The automated warehouse will be maintained by service engineers from Jungheinrich, providing the Motip Dupli Group with a firm contact partner for all intralogistics matters.

Key Points

* Fully automated three-aisle warehouse with double-depth storage

* 18 metres high 

* 2,950 m² of floor space 

* 10,000 pallet slots 

* Jungheinrich software solutions for WMS and WCS