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Item picking robot works alongside people

29 September 2017

The AutoPiQ solution from Swisslog is designed for repeated single item picks to fulfil fast delivery of orders.

It suits the requirements of e-commerce, pharmaceutical or spare parts logistics. It combines effectively Swisslog's existing intralogistics concepts such as CycloneCarrier or AutoStore with robot picking.

The solution design is based on a shared picking principle: The robot picks the items that he is able to pick – which can be up to 95% of the product range – and a worker finishes the order. Both can pick into the same bin or split orders into two lines depending on requirements.

Key Points

• Flexibility: The robot pick station (ItemPiQ) can be used at different work stations. Processes can be optimised by sharing tasks efficiently between robot and human.

• Integration: Easy to implement in new or existing picking systems due to SynQ standard software packages.

• Efficiency: An automated pick station is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Accuracy: Robots picking enables a failure-free operation with the highest availability.

• Safety: ItemPiQ enables the highly sensitive robots to work right next to humans.

The core of the solution is the portable robot cell (ItemPiQ).

The cell is based on a shared picking principle. With KUKA’s LBR iiwa and its sensitive properties, humans and robots can work side by side. To enable a high performance the robot is mainly working in fast speed mode. Once a human enters the safety zone, it automatically switches into human robot cooperation mode for simplified error handling.

The robot has a multifunctional gripper.