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Mori Lee boosts efficiency by 30%

09 October 2017

BS Handling takes on complex handling system relocation and extension for fashion retailer.

As part of ongoing expansion plans, the wedding and party dress specialist, Mori Lee, relocated to a 10,000 sq ft facility in Newark, Nottinghamshire. The move required the dismantling of an existing hanging rail system in the company’s old Grantham premises, rebuilding it in Newark, adding new single tier hanging garment racking alongside the original equipment and installing some pallet racking.

“Originally, BS Handling had installed our two tier hanging garment system in Grantham,” explains Graham Connell, general manager at Mori Lee. He continues, “Naturally, when we went out to tender for this new job, BS Handling were on our short list.

“They won the business thanks to a combination of price, previous experience and flexibility. They understood exactly what we required and were able to design the right solution for our specific needs.”

Connell adds: "BS Handling suggested that the new single tier garment racking should be designed in such a way that we could expand vertically, as and when more storage capacity was necessary. It was a very good call; within 12 months of moving to the new premises we did indeed need more hanging garment space.

“As BS Handling had allowed for this, with very little disruption we were able to add a second tier on top of the single tier previously installed. The second tier included walkways and an overhead elevator to transport product on trolleys up to the first floor. Once the trolleys are on the upper level, they can be easily pushed around the system to their designated storage bay.”

Simple and efficient

“The design BS Handling created for the warehouse has worked really well. Not only has it doubled our capacity for hanging storage, but it has also enabled us to have more floor space available for goods in, quality control, packing and dispatch zones.

“The installation went like clockwork and was delivered on time and in budget. Despite it being one of our busiest periods in the year, BS Handling managed the project with minimal disruption and we were able to maintain the flow of goods in and out of the warehouse without any serious delays.”

Value for money

The investment in the warehouse infrastructure means Mori Lee has expansion capacity for the foreseeable future. What’s more, the new layout provides a much improved work environment for the team and, as a business, it is operating at least 30% more efficiently than before.

“We are confident the financial payback period for the investment will be within 12 to 18 months. That said, if we had not invested in the new racking, the cost to the business would have been far higher in terms of supply disruption. There is no way we would have been able to maintain the level of deliveries to our retail customers without this investment, it was absolutely critical to our operation, particularly as we are now exporting 50% of products to Europe," explains Connell.

“There is no doubt the BS Handling team has done an excellent job. They are very easy and fair to work with and nothing is too much trouble.  I’d certainly recommend them to anyone wanting to install a first class materials handling solution."