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Automate inventory in the warehouse with drones

27 October 2017

The EyeSee drone makes it possible to carry out 'airborne' stock checks.

Each year, inventories must be carried out in warehouses. They require an important mobilisation of material and human resources and often involve stops of the logistical activity which have a detrimental impact on the companies' business.

The EyeSee drone from Hardis Group was designed to automate the inventory and the stock checking process without any human intervention.

EyeSee is equipped with an on-board camera and indoor geolocation technology which allows it to move using a predetermined flight plan and to capture relevant data on the pallets stored in the warehouse. The drone then associates the captured image with its position in the warehouse and automatically translates its 3D position into a logistics address (storage location).

EyeSee can handle all barcode formats. When several logistics labels are placed on a pallet (the provider's, the carrier's, the warehouseman's, etc) the drone is able to identify the one that is useful for inventory control.

EyeSee allows to improve the warehouse productivity by reducing material and human resources required to carry out inventories (rental of boom lifts, mobilising operators, stopping the activity, etc). The information collected by the on-board systems on the drone (data related to the elements to be inventoried and to the position in the warehouse) can be used by any warehouse management software on the market.

EyeSee is highly autonomous and is offered at an affordable price. The drone can be used to check the goods, as well as their location in the warehouse  on a more regular basis (every night or every week). With this, logisticians can identify and correct storage errors throughout the year and improve the overall quality of services provided to their internal or external customers.