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Investing in people and infrastructure

09 January 2018

Ecobat Battery Technologies (EBT) Industrial, formally Manbat Industrial, has begun its second year under its pan-European branding.

It is preparing to implement the processes and procedures it has originated over the last few months and roll out its development plans.

The company says: “Core to the our success is our unrivalled knowledge and experience and this remains central to our strategy. Our expertise is brought to the forefront through a level of personal service that sets the business apart. The sales team has been reinvigorated and the service engineers strengthened to reflect the needs of the company’s valued customers.”

Knowledge, experience and practical application however, mean little without the range of products to fulfil the diverse requirements of customers from across a raft of sectors.

The company continues: “It is here particularly that the might of a major global player can bring considerable benefits, as the ability to deliver the ideal solution for the individual needs of a business can be fine tuned.

This strength delivers quantity of scale benefits when it comes to areas such as purchasing power and product availability, which compare favourably against the manufacturers themselves. However, EBT Industrial is able to apply these benefits across the range of its product offering, not just to a single brand/manufacturer.

Investment in infrastructure may often be considered of little concern or sometimes even detrimental to the development of business relationships, but the work put into this area is poised to pay dividends when it comes to order processing and product delivery, adds Ecobat, which can add to the package as efficiencies increase and productivity improves.

Alongside investment in infrastructure comes product development and 2018 will see the launch of several new products that will open doors into new sectors.

The company concludes: “Naturally, this will be channelled through to customers with a level of service excellence that continues to set EBT Industrial apart and in turn, provide them with the ability to unlock their true potential and grow their businesses in the process.”

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