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Lithium-ion batteries as cheap as lead-acid in five years

25 January 2018

German forklift giant Jungheinrich says the technology has moved passed the early adopter stage and has become a mainstream choice for many end users.

Jungheinrich told its Innovations & Highlight for 2018 press conference in Hamburg today that it had sold more than 5,600 lithium-ion batteries in 2017.

Board member Dr Lars Brzoska said: “We have tripled the number of lithium-ion batteries sold every year for three years, and our target this year is in line with this trend.”

In 2017, Jungheinrich sold 1000+ lithium-ion trucks to one large customer, but the firm says sales are not dependent on big orders, with the company also going for small and mid-sized firms.

Brzoska added: “It is not just Europe, it’s worldwide. We are currently negotiating a project in Brazil for a large number of lithium-ion batteries.

“The rising quantities being produced is making lithium-ion cheaper. We can see prices coming down considerably, and we predict lithium-ion batteries will be the same price as lead-acid by 2020-2022.”

Indeed, Jungheinrich is exclusively showing  lithium-ion powered trucks at the upcoming LogiMAT exhibition.

The show takes place from March 13-15 in Stuttgart. With a total of 924 sq m, Jungheinrich is presenting in building 9, spread out over three different exhibit areas. 

Jungheinrich will unveil two world premières at the show.

Other products on show include the EKX 516 high rack stacker, which will also be available starting 2018 as an Automated Guided Vehicle System, the new EZS 7280 electric tow tractor and the ECE low level order picker with the new remote solution easyPILOT Follow (pictured).