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Flexible charger launches for lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries

05 February 2018

Jungheinrich has launched the SLH 300 for lead-acid batteries and the lithium ion variant, the SLH 300i, feature a wide voltage range, numerous available options and a high level of efficiency.

Produced internally by Jungheinrich at its plant in Norderstedt, the charger is an integral part of the Jungheinrich system solution. Jungheinrich offers its customer a total package of truck, battery and charger, optimally fine-tuned to each other and all from a single source.

The firm says an optimum price-to-performance ratio can be achieved with the charger for every application. The SLH 300 is available from 15-320A in 24V, 48V and 80V.

It is available with numerous options, for example with a full graphics display or Aquamatik control. One feature of this control system is intelligent water replenishment with a level sensor: If the water level is too low, the Aquamatik signal is activated by the charger. Water is then added automatically. This ensures a longer battery service life, which in turn lowers costs for the user.

Key Points

• For lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries

• Voltages from 15-320A in 24V, 48V and 80V

• Nominated for IFOY 2018 as "Special of the Year"

Other advantages of the charger include easy commissioning and operation. The SLH 300 is designed modularly, consisting of a set of components including the basic type, performance modules and options. All the chargers in the series are designed for wall mounting, and four of the five chargers can also be mounted on the floor. After the light and compact chargers are fastened in place or installed, they can be placed in operation immediately. The intelligent operating concept ensures the devices are easy to work with. The LED status display is also clearly visible for from far away.

Dr. Carsten Harnisch, division manager of Jungheinrich Energy and Drive Systems, explains: “Perfectly fitted for the requirements of the rapidly growing lithium-ion market and complemented by smart new solutions for the existing lead-acid world, the new SLH 300 charger marks a true milestone for Jungheinrich energy systems. With trend-setting communication interfaces, excellent energy efficiency plus uniform and intuitive operation, our customers will be convinced by the advanced of Jungheinrich technology.”