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Reasons to say ‘Yes’ to CFTS

20 February 2018

#17 Our Thorough Examinations are truly thorough

We all want our car to sail through it’s MOT… 

But, if you’re going to the bother - and cost - of having it inspected you’ll want the job done properly. It’s probably your one chance each year to confirm key components like brakes and steering are working properly - keeping you safe. Rushing the job could be putting your life at risk. 

However, forklifts are undoubtedly more complex and dangerous than cars… which is why it’s so important that Thorough Examinations are conducted properly… even it takes a bit longer. 

Our Thorough Examinations provide a rigorous, comprehensive, multi-point inspection of a truck’s lifting mechanism and crucial safety components. Importantly, they meet LOLER and PUWER requirements and are conducted by experienced and knowledgeable fork lift truck engineers. 

It takes time, but it’s worth it. Typically, a CFTS Thorough Examination might take 45 minutes for a small, three-wheel electric truck, or 3 hours for a telehandler. 

So, if someone tells you it can be done in fifteen minutes, ask yourself just how thorough this inspection is likely to be? While it may fulfil the bare minimum requirements of the HSE, is that all the assurance you want for the condition of your equipment and, by extension, the safety of your workforce?

For more information, see our ‘Half Measures’ video.

To learn more about Thorough Examination, or to find the nearest details of the nearly 400 CFTS-accredited companies, visit www.thoroughexamination.org or call 07730 768668.