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Fast-action doors support manufacturer

11 March 2018

Following the successful use of three Stertil fast-action FlexiEdge doors for over ten years, Glatfelter Lydney specified an additional five doors to help improve hygiene and working conditions within various areas of its manufacturing facility.

Glatfelter is a global supplier of speciality paper and engineered products, delivering quality service and solutions to a diverse portfolio of markets and customers.  Established in 1948 in Spring Grove Pennsylvania, the company operates from 11 global sites located in North America, Europe and Asia. In the UK, Glatfelter operates two facilities, the first in Lydney, Gloucestershire, which produces beverage filtration papers. The second facility is in Caerphilly, South Wales, which specialises in the production and development of metallised papers.

The five latest FlexiEdge doors to be installed at Glatfelter Lydney range in size from 2410mm wide x 3800mm high to 4200mm wide x 5100mm high. This broad flexibility ensures the best possible solution within a variety of operational locations and environments including production, finishing and warehousing areas. All the doors feature reinforced PVC curtains specified in high-visibility Yellow RAL 1003 complete with full width 800mm vision panels to enable safe movement of goods, fork lift trucks and personnel.

Offering impressive opening speeds up to 2.4 metres per second and closing speeds up to 1.2 metres per second, the Stertil FlexiEdge doors provide a number of standard safety features. These include a self-inserting curtain in case of accidental collision, a bottom-edge wireless detector that halts all movement in the event of striking an obstruction and an infrared barrier positioned 300mm above floor level that, when triggered, halts all travel and returns the door to its raised position.

Four of the doors at Glatfelter Lydney are controlled by an automatic floor loop that detects the presence of fork lift trucks whilst the remaining door is operated via a key switch that restricts access to the company’s product finishing area. One of the larger doors, model M2AW, measures 4200mm wide x 5100mm high and serves as an external door when the existing outer sectional door is open. Consequently, the FlexiEdge door effectively prevents heat loss from the building and the entry of dust and insects whilst being capable of withstanding wind loads in its exposed location.

“Our extensive range of FlexiEdge fast-action doors has been designed to offer the highest levels of performance and reliability,” says Andy Georgiou, General Manager at Stertil Door Products. “Offering a proven combination of durability, flexibility and safety, these market-leading doors are ideal for use in all kinds of applications and environments.”