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Handling 30 pallets per hour

07 May 2019

Airflow has released a new machine that allows the insertion and removal of freezer spacers into the palletised load.

This new machine will also split the load at any point allowing for pallet reconfiguration such as pallet height determinates for transport or in-house storage racking height requirements.

The company says: “You can even use it to exchange pallets from wood to plastic, for example. Cycle time wise it will easily handle 30 pallets per hour, takes up no more than 2.5x3 metres footprint and plugs into your electricity supply. You do not need to invert your product, so there is absolutely no drip of fresh product.”

Airflow Refrigeration Spacers began designing, manufacturing and supplying freezer spacers and related machinery for the insertion and removal of freezer spacers to the cold storage industry in 1984. The company was created by the late Mr Stephen Wildgoose (1945-2016).

The company adds: “Stephen (pictured below) was an outstanding businessman who had the vision to make products such as the Airflow SR2 machine that has dominated the worldwide market in the sector for the insertion and removal of freezer spacers into palletised product.”

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