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Warehousing made easy

15 March 2018

One of the largest and most popular cosmetic manufacturers in South Korea, supplying households worldwide, needed a cost-efficient solution to its warehousing issues.

The customer wanted to bring two different streams of products, from two different levels down to floor level without the products mixing. 

Solving this with regular inclined conveyors was the cheapest option but would take too much space, something they didn't have. 

AmbaFlex has extensive experience in solving warehousing issues with clever and efficient solutions with a low total cost of ownership. The engineers ended up customising a SpiralVeyor X configuration specifically to the customer's wishes. They fitted the spiral with two separate tracks, one for each stream but with different heights for their respective infeed points. The first track started at the top level of the warehouse, transporting the product down. The second track started at midlevel and intertwined into the spiral, running down parallel to the first track. Ultimately both tracks deliver their stream of products to their separate paths and onto the next phase.

Creating a customised spiral where both streams have their own track but at different starting heights made it possible to reach the required throughput in the  available space.