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Major Toyota operation selects I.D. Systems

29 March 2018

Toyota Motor North America Service Parts and Accessories Operations (Toyota) group has agreed to purchase I.D. System’s PowerFleet industrial vehicle management solution for 11 parts distribution centres throughout the U.S.

Initial DC deployment plans have been finalised with remaining DCs to roll out in 2018. The agreement continues the established relationship between Toyota and I.D Systems, building on prior generation solutions used to manage and control forklifts in Toyota’s manufacturing operations.

I.D. Systems’ patented, smart PowerFleet Fleet Management System solution for forklifts and other industrial trucks helps to improve supply chain safety and productivity by restricting vehicle access to only trained and authorised operators, providing electronic vehicle inspection checklists, and sensing and reporting vehicle impacts.

In addition, PowerFleet reduces fleet maintenance costs by automatically uploading vehicle operational data, reporting equipment problems, scheduling maintenance based on actual vehicle usage rather than by calendar or manual data entry, and helping determine the optimal economic time to replace equipment.

“I.D. Systems is proud that Toyota’s Service Parts and Accessories Operations group has chosen PowerFleet once again to help ensure safe and efficient operations in their warehousing operations,” said Chris Wolfe, CEO of I.D. Systems. “We’ve been supporting Toyota for many years now, and we continue to deliver innovative and reliable solutions for other similar top manufacturing operations so they can remain safe, deliver operational excellence and drive productivity improvements.”

Michael Mark, manager of environmental, health, & safety at Toyota added: “After reviewing industrial vehicle management solutions based on our selection criteria, we selected I.D. Systems’ PowerFleet as we found it to be a robust, comprehensive product that fit our business unit and specific needs.”