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Five ways to stay in SynQ with the future

22 March 2018

Swisslog’s SynQ, a service-based modular software platform, provides the functionality needed to optimise warehouse operations. It embeds intelligence and synchronises the performance of an automated warehouse.

With specific modules for each of Swisslog’s flexible, self-learning and data driven logistics solutions, SynQ helps warehouses remain efficient even in the face of increasing customer demands.

  • Condition Monitoring

As part of SynQ, Condition Monitoring allows users to view the current state of an intralogistics system at any time and ensures equipment works at maximum efficiency for the longest lifespan. It was honoured with the “Best Product” award in the Software, Communication and IT category at LogiMAT 2017.

  • Optimized AutoStore Solution

AutoStore has revolutionized e-commerce fulfilment and small item order picking, and now tailored operator screens within the AutoStore Director powered by SynQ have been optimized for ergonomics and simplicity to ensure efficient and accurate order fulfilment. 

  • Modular software for CarryPick 

CarryPick is a mobile system for efficient storage and order picking for delivering high value to customers in multi-channel fulfillment operations. In combination with SynQ, this kind of technology makes coping with changing demands simple. 

  • Simple ACPaQ fulfilment

Swisslog’s ACPaQ, a robotic system for de-palletising and palletising, can be paired with CycloneCarrier shuttle technology to enable a fully automated process controlled by SynQ software. 

  • AutoPiQ-ing Co-bots

Businesses can leverage picking robots alongside workers for intralogistics processes, using SynQ to intelligently coordinate the automation with available resources and incoming order details. 

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If you would like to find out more about the capabilities of the Swisslog SynQ software, read the cover story in the March issue of H&SS, or visit www.swisslog.com.