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Kite Packaging launches range of shredders

05 April 2018

The range is said to offer an environmentally friendly alternative for businesses using packaging void fill products.

Companies can use the shredding machines to turn waste cardboard into useful packaging material.

The machines enable the efficient slicing of surplus cardboard into thin strips, establishing a cost-free, recycled material for filling void space within parcels and one that can also be used in shipping containers for extra protection of their contents. 

The range includes six models – five free standing and one desktop, portable unit.

Cardboard shredder CP333 – desktop

This compact shredder is a table-top size desktop, meeting the demanding requirements of busy pack rooms.

Cardboard shredder CP316 and CP320

These free standing units are designed to suit a variety of warehouse operations and pack rooms and are proving to be popular cardboard shredders that can create void fill from thicker cardboard.

Cardboard shredder CP422 (single phase) and CP422 (three phase)

These industrial machines are built to create up to 6 cubic metres of void fill per hour and are available with either a single phase or three phase plug. It proves particularly useful for businesses require high volumes of parcels to be filled.

Cardboard shredder CP430

This free standing unit is the largest shredding machine in the range and is therefore suitable for larger packing operations. Its capabilities include producing the most cubic metres of void fill in an hour – shredding up to 20mm of thick cardboard.