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Marks and Spencer selects Zetes to boost visibility

29 March 2018

M&S will deploy Zetes’ supply chain visibility platform, ZetesOlympus, selected Zetes to help manage its fresh food supply chain. Part of this will involve facilitating greater collaboration between M&S and its food suppliers.

Through ZetesOlympus, M&S will gain real-time fulfilment performance insight across its fresh food supply chain. The platform will help M&S foresee any possible disruptions to availability, via real time alerts, meaning M&S can take fast preventative action to maintain its fresh food fulfilment standards. The platform, which connects M&S to all its logistics providers, will also encourage greater collaboration across the supply chain.

With a significant and growing presence in the food market and a substantial supplier and logistics partner base, supply chain visibility is crucial to M&S. ZetesOlympus will provide a strong basis for enhanced collaboration and continuous improvement between key stakeholders within the supply chain network.

ZetesOlympus provides real-time operational visibility of supply chain events and inventory flows, which will help M&S take immediate action to secure the continuity of supply across its food operations. The supply chain intelligence is accessible on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone), keeping all relevant parties connected at all times with the valuable insight they need to manage effectively.

Syd Reid, supply chain director, M&S says: "It is crucial for us to have complete visibility of our supply chain and be immediately alerted when unexpected events occur. That way, we can be agile and react at pace to ensure that our customers can get their favourite M&S food products when they want them, no matter what.”

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes, comments: “Customer expectation for an efficient and fast omni-channel retail experience continues to grow and as such, the need for accurate, real-time visibility and proactive monitoring within the supply chain heightens. We are delighted that M&S has chosen Zetes to help it continue to deliver the level of service that its customers value.”