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LNG lorry hits streets with infrastructure backing

05 April 2018

Volvo Trucks has begun shipping its new gas-powered truck to the UK, with Volvo choosing Calor’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility at Donington Park Services for its first UK fill.

Located off the M1 motorway at Junction 23a, the publicly-accessible LNG refuelling station is one of seven available from Calor in the UK. This network is set to play a role in supporting the growth of sustainable transports, such as Volvo Truck’s new gas-powered vehicle.

The new Volvo FM LNG is a gas-powered truck with a powertrain based on Volvo’s diesel engine technology. With the 460hp engine running on LNG, it is capable of delivering 20 per cent less CO2 than a regular Volvo FM truck.

A fuel choice steadily growing in demand for companies operating long-haul heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), LNG offers significantly less CO2 emissions than conventional fuels such as diesel, while dramatically reducing dangerous particulates like NOx and SOx.

A colourless, odourless liquid fuel, LNG is created by cooling natural gas to a temperature of around -162°C. When cooled to this temperature, the gas liquefies and reduces in volume too. This quality ensures LNG is easy to store, and makes it ideally suited to fuel regional and long-haul HGVs.