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Robotic warehouse start-up Magazino secures funding

04 May 2018

The international technology group Körber has invested in the Munich-based robotics start-up Magazino in exchange for a minority stake in picking specialist.

Körber is the holding company for an international technology Group with approx. 11,500 employees around the world, that is interested in future technologies. The investment will also strengthen digitisation initiatives in the Group’s Logistics Systems business area.

Magazino develops and builds perception driven, mobile robots that automate the handling of goods in intralogistics. The start-up's technology solutions enables dynamic warehousing and order picking as well as intelligent material disposition in eCommerce and assembly lines. With the precise access to individual articles, Magazino closes one of the central gaps in the automation of logistics processes. This opens up new opportunities for logistics to make process steps more efficient. With its participation in the start-up company founded in 2014, the Körber Group secures access to this key technology. This includes in particular the software suite that forms the brain of the robots. This software suite is designed to allow non-deterministic, perception driven robots to operate in environments that were originally made for humans.

The start-up company's portfolio comprises various robot systems that are used for specific projects. The central development is the TORU item picking robot. It uses 2D and 3D cameras to locate and identify individual objects on the shelf, grab them securely and place them precisely where they are needed.