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Inther celebrates 20 year anniversary

08 May 2018

The supplier of logistics automation systems was founded 20 years ago by Paul Hermsen and Martijn Herder who still manage Inther today.

“The first Inther project was a project management job for Schuitema, at that time the parent company of the C1000 supermarkets. This brought in the first 'guilders' and we could start the growth of our organisation. We’ve now grown into an organisation of 200 employees,” Herder says.

Inther has offices in America, China, Belgium and Germany. Since 2008 there has also been a software development company in Moldova.

Inther started as a controls software supplier for intralogistics, but has grown into an independent system integrator, with clients all over the world. Leading companies such as Estée Lauder, Skechers, Stanley Black & Decker and Hema, as well as Alibaba and JD.com are among Inther's case studies. The software that Inther has developed plays a key role in controlling the processes in all types of automation. 

The company has built its own R&D centre in which Inther produces its conveyor system and where employees are active in developing and building new hardware concepts. Here they design and test high-tech solutions for automating and further mechanising the order picking and packaging processes within the warehouse. A key element in this is the robotisation of many logistics tasks. This Technocentre will eventually deliver more than 80 full-time jobs at the company itself and at its suppliers.