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Conveyors for chilled and deep-freeze areas

03 May 2018

Conveying, sorting and storing packaged food and beverage are crucial processes and Interroll offers a wide range of solutions, even for deep freeze logistics.

Interroll’s new Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) for chilled and deep-freeze environments, with de-centrally controlled RollerDrive drive technology, expands the range of applications of the company’s conveyor solutions.

Deep-freeze logistics poses special challenges for material flow solutions but can now benefit from an efficient, zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) material flow down to −30 deg C. The energy efficient 24-V roller conveyors and diverters support a zero pressure accumulation operation and increases the work productivity. It can also reduce manual labour in deep-freeze temperatures and leads to a better and safer working environment.

The new deep-freeze MCP from Interroll offers flexible and scalable configuration with standard plug-and-play components. It accommodates all conveying needs and offers flexibility for future growth. The new solution has been tested in several conditions and ambient temperatures and has proven suitable to harsh temperatures.

For further details contact Interroll or view online https://vimeo.com/260211891