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Forward-thinking storage

21 May 2018

CopriSystems has installed a large storage facility at defence manufacturer BAE, offering an adaptable and budget-conscious option.

BAE is the third-biggest defence manufacturer in the world and the maker of the Eurofighter Typhoon and Britain’s nuclear submarines. For such industrial behemoths, changes in senior management are big news in the business pages. It’s recent confirmation that COO Charles Woodburn will replace current CEO Ian King was no exception and had many commentators remarking on a ‘generational shift’ in the company.

From a building and storage perspective you could also argue there’s a progressive shift in BAE’s approach.

Forward thinking storage

Not long ago CopriSystems installed a large storage facility at BAE, highlighting a forward thinking approach to storage and infrastructure. Structures such as these often lead dynamic lives – being adaptable and flexible to meet an organisations changing needs. This is in contrast to less adaptable or traditional storage buildings which, for complex businesses at the cutting edge of technology like BAE, can find themselves not fit-for-purpose after a surprisingly short amount of time.

Budget conscious

Projects for the defence industry don’t always offer the best value for money. However the CopriSystems structure showed how a bespoke approach and modern materials can deliver a cost-effective structure at a fraction of the cost of a traditional building. ‘Temporary buildings‘ such as these are often used for decades, delivering impressive value over both the short and the longer term.