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New door built for logistics

17 August 2018

Efaflex will premiere its new MTL door at the PPMA Show.

The MTL door is so named as it was developed with the Materials, Transport and Logistics sectors in mind. With a flexible and modular design this model can easily configured to meet individual site requirements, with Efaflex adding it has a high work capacity. 

Also on show is the SRT-ST ‘soft touch’, which is said to be a real workhorse; intended for internal application and suited for areas frequented by pedestrian traffic. With minimal preparation required prior to installation, the SRT-ST is said to be an inexpensive solution to prevent unwanted contamination or temperature loss between work areas.

The STT turbo door, the present day incarnation of the World’s first spiral door. Its door blade is constructed from 70% crystal clear acrylic glass, increasing natural light in the working area, improving visibility and operator safety as a consequence. It has an operating speed of up to 2.5 metres/sec.

Darren Turrell, UK managing director explains: “We hold the accolade of producing the world’s fastest vertically opening door, remaining unrivalled even 25 years after its original launch. Exhibitions such as PPMA are critical, as they give us an ideal opportunity to demonstrate door speed and build quality.” Stand J62