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Smoother logistics process

09 February 2021

With a precisely tailored racking system for production supply in the automotive sector, AR Racking has created the basis for optimal intralogistic processes in the new 41k sq m logistics centre of the Seifert Logistics Group.

IN ADDITION to the quality aspects, the high flexibility of AR Racking and the fast delivery and assembly time within a short time window were important decision criteria for Seifert.

With a turnover of 210 million euros in 2019, the Seifert Logistics Group (SLG) from Ulm is one of the leading freight forwarding and contract logistics companies in Europe. The group provides warehousing, sequencing, distribution and plant logistics services for well-known customers from the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries as well as the paper and construction materials sectors. The core business of the company is the automotive sector. In Hambach, France, where Mercedes Benz manufactures the Smart, Seifert has been managing plant logistics with around 100 employees on site since 2017. In order to increase capacities at the site and optimise processes, SLG has now set up a new, company-owned logistics centre there. AR Racking Deutschland, based in Rüdesheim, was awarded the contract for the design and installation of a racking system tailored precisely to the contract logistics provider's requirements.

More details

You can read more about this top quality plant logistics centre: https://bit.ly/38WjjFw

At the end of last year, the first construction phase of the new logistics centre was completed with 20,000 sq m and successively put into operation. The second construction phase is to be completed by the end of this year. AR Racking will then install a rack system with a further 4,000 pallet spaces. After completion, the logistics centre will comprise a total of more than 41,000 sq m of covered area and will be divided into two warehouses with eight units and an office building. 

The rack system designed by AR Racking offers more than 6,000 pallet spaces. With six support levels, the system in the new logistics hall rises ten meters high. All support levels are equipped with wire mesh floors. Special feature: With a flow rack for small parts storage, an intelligent storage and order-picking solution with 8,600 container spaces was integrated on 41 double bays of the lower rack levels. An additional specification from Seifert was aimed at achieving extensive flexibility in plant layout and logistical processes. "It is fundamentally very important to us to always remain flexible and to be able to react quickly to customer needs," says the Seifert Executive Director Luc Wanner.