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Linde uses rental truck capacity in crisis response

31 March 2020

Linde Material Handling UK has been working hard to support the food sector, in particular major supermarket chains who have been working tirelessly to keep shelves stocked with food.

Eamonn Parker, VP of sales and marketing at Linde said: “Having the largest capacity of rental trucks in the industry means we can react to situations where equipment is required at short notice and as we find ourselves in this unusual situation we have met the challenge."

In the last two weeks, supermarkets have seen a peak in demand that would be expected at Christmas but without the four months build up in planning. Linde Material Handling UK has been working round the clock preparing trucks from its 10,000-strong rental fleet for the retail sectors specific needs.

Parker continued: “In order to support the industry through this time we have pulled on resources across our entire network to work together and deliver high volumes of trucks to all parts of the country, our Wellingborough depot alone prepared 100 trucks for despatch in just one week.”

However, the health, safety and wellbeing of Linde employees remains paramount. It has implemented measures to ensure we keep them safe and is also reviewing these policies on a daily basis. This includes standard advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) around hand hygiene and social distancing which are being implemented across all sites.

The company concluded: “'We keep the world moving' is the guiding principle of Linde Material Handling and our commitment to this statement is more important than ever as our team of key workers pull together and help us get through this period of exceptional uncertainty. The Government recognised the key role the logistics sector is providing in these turbulent times and strengthens our support to those key industries that are vital to public health and safety during the Coronavirus outbreak."