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Gig economy drivers at 'higher risk of traffic collisions'

17 August 2018

Union GMB has highlighted a University College London (UCL) report suggesting gig economy drivers and riders are at heightened risk of traffic collisions.

The report claims the pressures that come with being a self-employed courier or taxi driver may significantly increase the risk of being involved in a crash.

Mick Rix, GMB national officer, said: “The damning conclusions of this report back up what GMB has been saying for years – gig economy employers, particularly courier companies, are exposing delivery drivers, riders, and the general to unacceptable risks to their health and safety.

“Our members tell us every day how Amazon delivery and work schedules are so demanding drivers work through breaks and do dangerously long hours.

“Companies such as Amazon and their delivery firms have passed all the risk and responsibilities to drivers, and are avoiding their employer responsibilities and public safety obligations.

“They are washing their hands of growing public safety issue in pursuit of greater profits.

“GMB calls on the Government to bring forward legislation to enhances driver and public safety - the same laws which exist for those working in the more traditional employment models.”