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Game-changing tool helps users self-configure WMS

06 April 2021

An e-commerce fulfilment specialist has quickly taken advantage of a next generation software adoption platform to win bigger business and improve internal operations.

Brian Kirst is co founder and Chief Strategy Officer for US-based Resurge Fulfilment, which has distribution centres in New Jersey and Reno, Nevada, and his new best friend is SnapBuddy. This AI style training tool enables him to self configure WMS rules changes and modifications – such as how to create a new or different pick task – without delay.

Brian explains: “SnapBuddy is simple to use and is incredibly useful when it comes to being highly responsive and offering us greater control. Ultimately, it gives us more independence and reliance on our own internal processes. Nobody understands our needs better than we do, so the ability to self configure is a real game changer.

“It’s also helped build system expertise within our own staff, because previously we relied on SnapFulfil support to answer some basic questions –and while their feedback and response times is always great, sometimes you need that immediate reaction.

“We can swiftly make changes to the environment that directly impacts the efficiencies of our operation. When you’re dealing with volatile e-commerce fulfilment, unexpected spikes, peak periods and new products that you might not have the right rules set up for, having SnapBuddy gives us the ability to improve on the fly and at our pace. It’s hugely valuable to what we do and sets us apart from our competitors.”

Through the use of smart tips, system tours and walkthroughs, users can learn and enhance their understanding of a range of WMS processes as they work on a live system without any significant downtime or loss of productivity.

Swift, self-configuration has never been more advantageous and timely than during this pandemic and by enabling the customer to take charge of their independence earlier, SnapBuddy can support rapid scaling of warehouse processes, as well as quick succession of multiple warehouse rollouts.

Subsequently, the speed-to-value that Resurge enjoys through its partnership with SnapFulfil is also passed onto its customers, because with the current global uncertainty many are signing up for their services having not even done the usual site visit.

With Resurge now able to manage its own rules and configurations quickly and easily, the remote onboarding that SnapFulfil also excels in has enabled Resurge to facilitate its own on-site and digital implementation.

"Swift, self-configuration has never been more advantageous and timely than during this pandemic."

Brian adds: “We’ve been able to handle everything digitally and leveraging the SnapBuddy tool to do our configurations – picking rules, receiving rules and all that functionality – we’re doing it all remotely on site on our own, so it’s been a huge help in this Covid-19 climate we’re operating in.

“We had the experience recently where a client facility was shut down and we needed to onboard their operation and configure SnapFulfil to handle the order flow. We were able to do that in a few hours and have them up and running within a week. The biggest delay was getting their product onto our building, but as far as configuring our system and theirs with SnapFulfil, that was probably the easiest part of the process.

“One of the other main reasons we chose SnapFulfil is its ability to scale with us and be extremely flexible to meet all of the demands of our business. We’re growing rapidly, with a third distribution centre imminent, and went from two or three initial customers to 24 full-blown clients in under four months, so we did almost two dozen implementations in a very short space of time and SnapFulfil supported all of them – including some very complex integration.”

For more information, visit www.snapfulfil.com