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Tunnels and walkways to help solve social distancing woes

21 May 2020

CopriSystems is quickly developing tunnels and walkway covers to help companies manage people entering and exiting a building while maintaining efficient operations within social distancing constraints.

Many companies are seeking to adapt quickly to the ‘new normal’ of social distancing while keeping operations open and running as smoothly as possible. While safety is the top concern, business continuity is not far behind.

The solutions are particularly appropriate as the Government seeks to get the economy moving again with many employees returning to work this week.

Bespoke structure innovator CopriSystems is using its experience to roll out a number of solutions to help companies adapt their processes quickly to this unprecedented emergency.

Rafe Colenso, director of CopriSystems explains: “These are times of change and we have received customer requests for structures that can help maintain social distancing rules as people enter and exit buildings. As a leading provider of bespoke temporary buildings and canopies, we’ve been able to quickly adapt our robust and proven solutions to create designs that can help companies adapt their processes to be as efficient as possible while keeping people safe.”

Electronic Door

Crucially, CopriSystems can integrate an electronic pedestrian door within one of its Tunnel - the idea being to keep people at a social distance while queuing.

The doors can also be installed standalone within existing buildings. An inexpensive option, CopriSystems can install doors for £2,500 - £3,500 + VAT (subject to existing electricity, access, location etc).

Customers can install multiple doors in a queue, which can be operated by one switch, i.e. a controlled system by one person at the front, which would allow everyone to move forward one bay at the same time. The doors can also be wired into existing fire alarm systems, so when the alarm goes off, all doors can open to allow people to escape safely.


The Tunnels developed by CopriSystems in response to customer requests are designed to protect people entering and exiting a building.

The galvanised steel structures have fire rated PVC coverings and can be supplied to any width, length and height. They can be fixed or retractable if space is limited. The advantage of the covered tunnel is that people waiting can be protected from sun, rain or wind.

CopriSystems can also supply the structures with a fabric divider wall to separate those entering from those exiting. This also enables safe testing of those entering the building.

The structures can also be supplied with internal fixtures and fittings such as lights, divider curtains/screens or simple barriers, as well as plug sockets for charging phones etc.

In addition, the PVC covering can be supplied in any colour and with company logos or advertising banners.

Crucially, the bespoke tunnels can be designed, manufactured and installed within 3 weeks (depending on size and location).

Walkway Cover

An alternative design to the Tunnel is a Walkway Cover. These wheel mounted structures are extremely cost effective, easily deployable and maintain an outdoor feel for people queuing, while keeping them sheltered from the sun and rain.

Safe queuing

Rafe concludes: “Our structures can be used for safe queuing, social distancing, additional storage and logistics space as well as testing stations and decontamination zones. Contact us at CopriSystems for further details.”

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