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It’s the end of the line

29 April 2021

A hydraulics product supplier has taken on a fully automated strapping, weighing and labelling system for heavy products provided by Mosca.

HANSA-FLEX has been using the end-of-line solution at the company's main warehouse in Bavaria, for the past year. This system automatically straps pallets and then weighs and labels them in a smooth-running logistics process. An integrated scanner reads a barcode generated in the ERP system. It contains details, for example, on the recipient or the material on the pallet. 

At the heart of the new packaging line is the fully automatic Mosca KZV-111 pallet strapping machine that combines conveying and strapping technology with automated data processing. Mosca's SoniXs ultrasonic sealing technology ensures that the strap ends on Hansa-Flex pallets are welded before the packages are shipped to the customer.

Each day, around 250 pallets weighing on average 400 kilograms leave the warehouse. Previously, this workload had been handled manually. To efficiently manage it in the future, Hansa-Flex decided to automate the process of securing packages for transport. In the past, operators strapped the large packages by hand and sealed the strap ends with a handheld device.

The new line needed to be designed to handle downstream weighing and labelling steps, and automatically assign packages to the right logistics service provider.

The automated process simplifies and accelerates this operation, and also relieves the physical strain on operators. Other requirements were taken into consideration during the system development phase. The new line needed to be designed to handle downstream weighing and labelling steps, automatically assign packages to the right logistics service provider, and transfer data to the company's in-house enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as well as to the service provider for processing and invoicing.

Working in close cooperation with Mosca, the Hansa-Flex team developed an H-shaped processing line around the KZV-111 strapping machine. The large cartons on pallets are delivered to the starting point of the line by forklift trucks. An order label attached to the cartons contains detailed processing information. The packages are aligned and forwarded to the Mosca KZV-111 using fully automatic conveyor units, a turntable and a centring unit. The machine then uses photoelectric sensors to detect the size of the package before it inserts the strap lance between the wooden slats of the pallet and straps it twice. A contact strip reduces pressure damage to the carton. Mosca's ultrasonic technology guarantees an extremely secure weld and high tensile strength at the sealing point.

After it is strapped, the package passes through all downstream steps along the line until it is ready for shipping. Four calibratable weighing cells are integrated into one of the conveyors in the system. The weighing process is triggered automatically when the package reaches this conveyor. During this operation, the system generates a shipping label and sends the data to an integrated printing unit, which automatically attaches the label to the package. The label data is simultaneously transmitted to the Hansa-Flex ERP system and to the respective logistics service provider for processing. At the end of the line, the package is automatically assigned to the correct logistics service provider. For this, a turntable distributes the transport-safe packages to one of two Hansa-Flex forwarding stations.

Another fully automated end-of-line solution developed in cooperation with Mosca is already in operation at the company's Bremen site. This system secures smaller packages for transport and is also equipped with a fully automatic conveying, labelling and sorting system.

For more information, visit www.mosca.com