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A tow tractor for tight spots

10 January 2020

Jungheinrich has released the latest version of its slender electric tow tractor, the EZS 130.

With a width of 600mm, the truck is designed to be a space-saving tugger train for the manoeuvrable transport of small parts. It has a 24-V engine using three-phase AC technology, and can pull a variety of different types of trailers with a total weight of up to 3,000kg.

Features include improved drive technology and dynamic braking with energy recovery. The EZS 130 can be used with lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion technology. The EZS 130’s lithium-ion battery can be charged during breaks through a comfort-charging interface. Another option is the integrated 24-V battery charger, which enables charging at any 230-V power socket.

The design of the truck makes it possible to enlarge the boarding area of the tow tractor by 70mm without changing the basic measurements of the truck. The new low standing platform allows the operator to get on and off the truck comfortably and safely. The frame of EZS 130 is made from high-quality steel plate and now comes with an arched chassis apron at the front cover. Depending on the type of use and customer requests, there are various types of backrests to choose from.

The safety feature curveCONTROL flexibly adjusts the truck’s driving and automatically reduces its speed when going around corners. There are three optional drive programmes to choose from.

An integrated LED light increases the visibility of the truck in poorly illuminated areas. An optional floor spot reduces the danger of collision in congested areas through red or blue lights on the floor.

A two-inch display shows the battery level, speed, operating hours, driving speed and any possible error messages. The truck can be activated via easyaccess through the softkey PinCODE or, optionally, with a transponder card.

The truck is available with different couplings to fit a variety of trailers. A backspace key feature allows the user to connect and disconnect trailers. There are electric supply connectors available for GTE trailers.