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How to handle supply chain disruption

19 October 2020

Virtual conference to offer guidance and answer key questions on how to transform the warehouse.

Warehouse transformation is very much in the air. Rarely has the supply chain been such a keen strategic focus. Supply chain has been routinely viewed as a cost centre over the years, something to be eternally squeezed for savings. But with coronavirus, cost has become secondary to making sure stock is available. Never has supply chain reliability been so valued. As well as this, many companies are radically adjusting their operations to deal with increased volumes of eComm orders. This has knock on effects in the warehouse as companies reframe operations to maximise efficiency.


That’s why we have launched the HSS Live! Free-to-attend virtual conference to provide sessions to help you handle the adjustments that need to be made.

Each session will be delivered live and will explore innovation as the supply chain transforms. 

Delegates will also be able to take part in an interactive Q&A as part of each presentation.

Delegates can take part from the comfort of their own home/workplace and will receive a certificate to award them 4 CPD hours for attending.


The "New normal" AMRs in a time of disruption

The 2020 pandemic has brought significant changes to logistics industry worldwide. Whether these adjustments are viewed as challenges or opportunities, they all point to one realisation: there’s no going back. As companies work through these shifts, one thing is clear – fulfillment robots are adding stability and productivity to a bursting supply chain.

In this presentation you’ll learn:

  • Post-pandemic market dynamics, consumer trends, and labour patterns within the logistics space
  • How industry leaders are turning the latest hurdles into an opening for growth with automation
  • How robots leverage your current employee base to get more goods out the door faster

Denis Niezgoda, Vice President, Europe, Locus Robotics

Saving space and boosting productivity

The unstoppable rise of e-commerce has not only led to an increased demand for warehousing but also packaging. Martin McVicar, MD of forklift manufacturer Combilift, explains how the company’s products have enabled a major packaging supplier to optimise its warehouse space whilst keeping up with its ever growing production schedule. 

Martin McVicar, MD, Combilift

Do the detail in eFulfillment

D2C was a growing trend before the pandemic knocked out much of the High Street for months on end. The growth of D2C makes warehouse process accuracy more important than ever. But many retailers and brands think buying a system to cope is enough. Nick Fox, Head of Logistics - Europe, at fashion retailer Theory argues that the real work is ‘doing the detail’ and making sure IT and warehouse operations knit together effectively.

Nick Fox, Head of Logistics - Europe, at fashion retailer Theory

Aftershock and pre-Peak

The initial shock of the pandemic has now passed but logistics is now entering its Peak season. Kevin Mofid, Head of Industrial Research, Savills discusses the logistics property landscape, demand trends and implications for warehouse and logistics managers.

Kevin Mofid, Head of Industrial Research, Savills


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