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Labels for pandemic response

29 May 2020

Warehouse solutions and label specialist, inotec UK, has ramped up production of its labelling systems to support industry during the coronavirus pandemic.

By reorganising its business, the company has been able to significantly increase label production throughput. Based in Germany, the inotec production facility has seen a high demand across a wide range of applications for its self-adhesive barcode labelsRFID labels and in-mould labels.

The manufacturer has seen a heightened demand for labels within home and retail delivery networks. The company is supplying barcode labels which are crucial for the fast supply and replenishment for both retail stores and home delivery. In addition to this, inotec supplies in-mould labels for plastic totes and crates which keep essential products moving within the supply chain.

David Stocker, sales director of inotec UK explains: “During the pandemic there has been a significant increase in the reliance on supply chains. This has meant that to support our customers across Europe we’ve had to increase production overnight.

“To cope with demand, and keep staff safe, the inotec production facility in Germany has changed processes and shift patterns to accommodate a hygienic clean between shifts. These preventative measures ensure the safe continuation of production while avoiding any detrimental delays to customers.”